Tucked away in rural Rocky Valley, Rockin’ Hollow Ranch is a picturesque slice of Tennessee magic. A place were dirt roads, historic sights, waterfalls, creeks, and fields come together to create Primm Springs.

Ranch owner, Elizabeth, is a woman of many talents. From taking BLM Mustangs from wild to mild, painting horse trailers, to creating hand-built, custom tack pieces, Elizabeth treats each client like family and strives to make sure she gives two-hundred percent, three-hundred percent of the time.

Elizabeth has worked with horses for over 30 years and provides a common-sensed approach to training, based in Vaquero and Buckaroo principles. Horses are worked via a “feel” – no gimmicks, tricks, or shortcuts.

Elizabeth has a BA of Equine Science with a focus in Equine Nutrition, is a TIP Trainer for the Bureau of Land Management, volunteers much of her time back to local nonprofit rescues, paints horse trailers, makes custom rope and leather tack, gives lessons, and trains horses – all outside of her day job in the music industry!

For more info or questions, please reach out via phone, email, or social media.